Theia plugin build issue

Hi, when i try to build a theia plugin, i get this error :

Packaging of plugin
πŸ” Validating...βœ”οΈ 
πŸ—‚  Getting dependencies...❌️ 
Error: Not able to get yarn workspaces when executing yarn workspaces info --jso</code>n.

Please help me build the project.

(Not sure if this info helps: I installed minikube, kubectl, kvm etc in my ubuntu pc and started seeing this error.)

[original thread by rs]

cc @florentbenoit

Hello @che-theia-new

what’s your yarn version ? also could you please update your theia plugin packager to latest I think there was a bug with --json parameter not being used


it works now after i removed plugin packager (yarn remove) and added it again (yarn add). Thanks @florentbenoit , @anton-kosyakov