Theia release 0.16.0

We plan to proceed with the release in a few hours (~4 hours from now). There is still time to fix little bugs and merge low-risk PRs.
We’ll post here to let you know when we start

[original thread by Jacques Bouthillier]

[Jacques Bouthillier]

If there is anything left to merge before the release 0.16.0, it time, I will start the build in ~20 minutes

Hi, I am having problems with GitHub in the last hour. Comments I add on a PR are not posted, for example. It looks a bit risky to go forward in this situation. I suggest we wait a bit an see if things stabilize, and if not, postpone the release until tomorrow.

Any one else seeing issues with GitHub?

I had too, but now they seem to be gone. Happens very often lately :frowning:

Based on the github status it looks like they are still encountering some degraded service

+1, I just tried adding a test comment and it did not make it through.

Thanks for the link Vince - it mentions that webhooks are affected as well, which is potentially not good.

The status page says there are still potential little issues, but things seem to work ok for me now.

We’re preparing got the release. Please hold-off merging PRs until we are done

[Jacques Bouthillier]

Theia v0.16.0 is now available, Thanks to all contributors