Theia release 1.4.0

We plan to proceed with the release in a few hours (~3 hours from now). There is still time to fix little bugs and merge low-risk PRs.
We’ll post here to let you know when we start

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Starting the release - please do not merge any PRs until this is done. Thanks

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Thanks you all for your great work to make Theia 1.4.0 a good framework,
The release is complete, you can push new code now.


Thanks a lot @lmcbout

How does this exactly work with the Theia releases? I see one of the jobs has failed, so we did not run the deploy. Still, I can see 1.4.0 in npm:

npm view @theia/core version

Do you do the publishing locally, and push the lerna output to git? I want to know if it is safe to merge PRs or not. Thanks!

@kittaakos I think the job that failed is the normal repo job that publishes the next version of Theia, that in that case corresponds to 1.4.0. So not a huge deal I think? i.e. the next merged PR will again attempt to publish a next, and so on.

(solid Theia releases are published from the release engineer’s machine, not from Travis)

Thank you!