Theia repo move to Eclipse Foundation has happened


Despite my best efforts to schedule a “managed” repo move, it did not happen that way. So the move is done but some GH applications have not been configured. In consequence, the CI will be unstable until the config is done, with "GitHub API rate limit’ errors and inability to publish “next” builds upon merging PRs, even if by chance Travis happens to succeed.

Repo move Bugzilla:

New repo:

[original thread by Marc Dumais]


Old repo should not be used anymore since now?

It should be transparent: GitHub will redirect git and HTTP operations to the new repo. Everything should be preserved: issues, PRs, etc

I just noticed one thing that was not preserved: old Travis CI logs, as referenced from pre-move PRs, that now give an error that the “theia-ide/theia” repo can’t be found. Not the end of the world I guess.

ci is back on track now, the only issue is that a link in to travis is bogus, opened:

As well it looks like Appveyor is not yet enabled/configured

some docs links are broken: