Theia roadmap?

hi guys, i’m interest in cloudIDE, i have some questions with theia.
1.what’s the relationship between theia-ide/theia and eclipse/che7?
che7 changed frontent from GWT to theia, did theia community support this work?
theia will focus on single machine web-IDE, and che7 is focus on cloud multi-tenancy cloud-IDE, is it the product or target different?
2.will theia drop extension, transfer feature to plugin, by this way, what’s the different between theia and code-server? i see somebody asked this question, and Anton answered the different is theia implement and compatibility, if transfer extension to plugin, what’s the different between theia and code-server?
3.what’s the relationship between theia and gitpod? just like code-server and gitpod is a cloud-IDE, base on theia and not opensource?

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  • Regrading multi-tenancy there is a discussion here:

  • Eclipse Che 7 allows to deploy an alternative IDE and use Theia as default one. Red Hat contributes the plugin system to Theia and support work on integrating Theia in Che.

  • VS Code extension (Theia plugins) are complementary to Theia extensions, see Former does not have access to DOM and does not allow white-labelling and fine-grained customisations compare to latter, but easier to deploy and can cause less harm to IDE. The general recommendation use VS Code extensions and add Theia extensions when necessary, i.e. to build something with custom integration, see ARM Mbed Studio.

  • As far as I know Coder just give you a VM with patched VS Code.

  • Gitpod is not just an IDE. It allows you to define your dev env, builds them as well as your project, scale and dispose them automatically: Check with Theia repo: start multiple workspaces, they will come up in several sec with all tools installed and completely built project for a specific branch or PR, if you close tabs or don’t use them all workspaces will be auto disposed.

  • Gitpod uses vanilla Theia as an IDE and only adds bits to integrate with GitHub, so this part is open-sourced already.

  • Gitpod will be available for self-hoisting: I’m not sure what are plans regarding open-sourcing workspace management part. cc @svenefftinge


thanks for reply, i can’t use gitpod in china.


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what’s the different between gitpod and che7? i think it is same product.



thanks for reply, i can’t use gitpod in china.

please ask on Gitpod community or open an issue there, as far as I know Gitpod has users from China