Theia server optimisations?

I’m asking myself today if there is anyway to optimize the server which runs THEIA ?
Have you any tips and tricks relative to that subject may be good to know to get better response, less latency when loading…


Hi @Al,

One thing that routinely comes up is extension unpacking: Depending on your project setup, it might be that Theia unpacks every .vsix file on every startup, which has quite a hefty performance cost.

Regarding everything else, perhaps the Che-devs can give a bit more help. @tsmaeder any tips?

Thank you @msujew, is there anyway to avoid the unpacking cost ?

Ah, yeah sure, forgot to explain that further. Like I said it depends on your setup, it might be that they are already unpacked. Basically, you should add built-in extension using the appropriate fields of the package.json:

If you run the theia download:plugins command, they will be automatically downloaded and unpacked. The only reason I’m writing about it is that someone in another issue put the .vsix files into the plugins directory directly.

Thank you for the details !