Theia settings in package.json

Hi, is there documentation about the various settings that can be specified in the Theia (browser-app) package.json.

I have the settings below, but I’d like to know what are the other available options:

    "theia": {
        "frontend": {
            "config": {
                "defaultTheme": "light"

Thanks for the pointer.

[original thread by Dominique Rochefort]

@dominique-rochefort all preferences should be supported when configuring their default values, however, as of today there does not yet exist any documentation describing all available preferences from the application. We can open an issue regarding this documentation improvement. For now, users and developers would look at the preferences widget or the source code to determine available preferences.

[Dominique Rochefort]

Thanks, I found this:

[Dominique Rochefort]

I think it’s good enough for now.