Theia to allow language support only via VS Code extensions (to drop support in Theia extensions)

We are going to drop language support in Theia extensions to simplify Monaco migration: Language support has to be contributed via VS Code extensions. If you have any questions please reach out on this topic. For instance if you find VS Code APIs are limited and need an advice on how to integrate VS Code and Theia extensions.

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

Just to clarify, it does not mean that you need to migrate anything right now, see

In response to the discussion in the call just now: there is “globalStoragePath” int

Methinks VS Code extensions should write their stuff there, not the extensions path.

I’ve filed an issue with VS Code Java asking them to put their global state in the proper place.

Issue is fixed in next release

Awesome, thanks @tsmaeder !

[Kevin Ard]

Quick - and maybe obvious - Q: the example pulls all its vsix from GitHub release. Can we point to vsix files elsewhere? Eg: download link @

@kevin-ard the examples (from the main repo) pull extensions from open-vsx which is an alternative open-source marketplace which does not have the same restrictions as the VS Code marketplace. Due to legal issues (only official VS Code products may programatically use the marketplace), the open-source version was created. You may consult the answer provided in a similar question to yours.

Note: the script itself downloads the .vsix from any URI.

Additional Info: