Theia to use Node 10.x as a minimal supported version

We are going to bump up Node.js version to 10.x and use it as a minimal supported version: Does anyone have objections, issues with that?

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

[Josh Bradley]

Will all docker images under theia-apps be updated to node 10 after the next release?

good point, we should do it

it looks like we broke all theia-apps next images :see-no-evil: cc @marc-dumais @thegecko We need to fix it asap!

I will open a PR

We should prepare a PR to update theia-apps after releasing 0.6.0.

@phaumer maybe you can ping someone in IBM related to

[Rob Moran]

good catch!

[Peter Haumer]

I see that John Perlman already replied about the IBM node image being deprecated.
(Btw. there is also an IBM Java image for Alpine, but it requires installing a different glibc; see here: