Theia upgrade issue

Hi, currently, our Code Editor is based on theia 1.38.0 and we have a class CustomWebSocketConnectionProvider that extends WebSocketConnectionProvider. As part of the class, we are overriding the functions createWebsocket and createWebSocketUrl. When we launch our Code Editor, the overridden functions are getting called with theia 1.38.0.

However, When we upgrade theia to 1.42.1, the createWebsocket and createWebSocketUrl of CustomWebSocketConnectionProvider class are not getting called. Fyi, we have few other classes which have custom logic. I think CustomWebSocketConnectionProvider is first part in entire workflow where it is not able to execute our custom functionality of the classes which is causing the socket connection to fail.

This is how we are binding:


I see that one of breaking changes after 1.38.0 is upgrade of inversify library. Do I need to change something in the above code or am I missing something else ?

@msujew @vince-fugnitto any thoughts on this ?

In recent versions, we load the WebSocketConnectionProvider before any other module and use it in the frontend preload stage. See here. You might need to put the rebinding code into a frontendPreload module.

I see, let me try that. thanks.