Theia version upgarde

Hello, my team has developede a WebIDE based on Theia,if worked very well but recently we got some problems because of the version of Theia we use.
We are now using Theia v0.8.0, a very old version of Theia, and all the applications we previously built are based on this version. The package.json is as follows:

In order to use the new features of Theia, I try to modify the package.json, changed the version 0.8.0 to latest, but encountered a lot of problems, maybe it’s collision of the dependencies. We try to solve the problems one by one, but still got a lot. It seems like it’s the wrong way to upgrade the version, so I wonder if I should follow the documentation and create a new IDE again,then move the extension in v0.8.0 to the new IDE one by one.

@LamYunfu thank you for the discussion, it looks like you are currently using deprecated extensions that are not present in newer version which cause issues when upgrading. Please take a look at the changelog when upgrading to look out for any deprecated extensions, or updates to the framework itself if you have custom extensions.

The following for instance are deprecated in your current app: @theia/languages. I cannot identify if there are any issues with the custom extensions you’ve included however.

Thanks, I will try.