@theia/vsx-registry not finding newly publish extensions

Hey Theia Community,

I’m trying out publishing a simple extension to Open VSX to be consumed in my Theia IDE. I’ve managed to publish a color theme extension under a namespace that I have successfully claimed. But I’m having trouble getting the extension explorer in Theia to find it even though it is able to find other packages. The my extension lives here. Anyone have any tips?

Hi @TtheBC01,

it seems like your extension requires vscode v1.67 to run (see the engines field in your package.json). However, Theia will only show extensions in the registry view which it knows it can successfully run (i.e. whose API is fully implemented). This is only the case for extension <= 1.53.2, which is why Theia doesn’t show your extension.

As you are likely using “old” API, you can just lower your vscode required version and push a new update to ovsx, in order for Theia to pick it up.

Thanks @msujew! I will give this a shot and mark as the solution if it works.