Theia-Xtext integration example for Theia version >=1.4.0

I am trying to create editor for my DSL in theia by following below example -

But i guess this example is outdated as while using Theia 1.4.0 I am getting below message -

since 1.4.0 - in order to remove monaco-languageclient, use VS Code extensions to contribute language smartness:

I could not find any example on the web for theia-xtext integration using version >=1.4.0 , so could you please point me in right direction ?

@kuldeeparora89 with a quick search I was able to find the following article regarding how to use xtext and sprotty with newer versions of the Eclipse Theia framework:

You can follow the repository referenced in the documentation, as well as any links :+1:
I believe it was also presented at EclipseCon 2020:

Thanks @vince-fugnitto , Got my answer.
We now have to create VSCode extensions for new language support in Theia .

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