TreeViewsMain missing part of VSCode api?

TreeView.reveal() is currently supported according to this doc:

But apparently that is not the case. I have an extension where the reveal() currently works in VSCode but doesn’t seem to do much in Theia. Also, I was taking a look in the source code and looks like the selectionOptions are not being taken into account (select is never used, focus and expand are missing):

[original thread by Raphael Dos Santos]

Hi @santosr, unfortunately at the beginning we were accepting PRs stubbing VS Code apis. We are trying not to accept anymore such PRs, but ask for the proper implementation. Although it is not always possible.

For this case, could you please file an issue? PRs are welcomed as well.

opened to track it

@anton-kosyakov we should do a pass over the API implementation to find stubs and track them.

@tsmaeder it would be helpful if someone does it, but it is quite tedious to check whether each property of each interface is actually used, sometimes it seems to be used, i.e. someone even copied it and passed to the main process but then did not do anything with it :frowning: big parts like file system provider and editor comment contributors should be tracked already

Would running the VS Code API tests ( be sufficient to track down the stub implementations? Does it cover all API’s?

@anton-kosyakov ?

I don’t know, it will catch some cases but I doubt that all will be covered