Trying to figure out why explorer-view-container isn't loading after making a navigator-derived package

Hi, I’m trying to make an open source theia-based app with a customized ‘navigator’ panel (called navigator-fava) that will filter and open items (plaintext accounting files) in a mini-browser tab (running a webapp called ‘fava’). After trying to make initial modifications to a copy of I’ve gotten things to a state where the app will run, but have been stumped for a while on why it isn’t launching correctly. The messages I get when running the build are:

2022-09-09T23:10:26.217Z root INFO Changed application state from 'init' to 'started_contributions'.
2022-09-09T23:10:26.217Z root INFO Changed application state from 'started_contributions' to 'attached_shell'.
2022-09-09T23:10:26.217Z root INFO >>> Restoring the layout state...
2022-09-09T23:10:26.284Z root WARN Failed to resolve module:
2022-09-09T23:10:26.285Z root WARN Failed to resolve module: filenamify
2022-09-09T23:10:26.325Z root WARN Couldn't restore widget for explorer-view-container. Error: Error: Ambiguous match found for serviceIdentifier: Symbol(ContributionProvider) 
2022-09-09T23:10:26.542Z root INFO <<< The layout has been successfully restored.
2022-09-09T23:10:26.543Z root INFO Initialize the workbench layout: 330.1 ms [Finished 2.027 s after frontend start]

and Theia appears with a restored file but no explorer view, no menu, and no ability to invoke ctrl+shift+p to bring up the command menu to bring anything back.

So far I’ve tried:

I’m not quite sure why there’s the other warnings of failing to resolve or filenamify, that happens even when just running yarn to install dependencies.

Any idea how to approach debugging further?

The code is available here in case anyone wants to try (note what I’m trying is on a branch called ‘navigator-fava’): GitHub - seltzered/theia-widget at navigator-fava


@vivekgani thank you for the discussion, when you encounter errors with UI such as menus and so on a great place to look is the dev console on the frontend. When I started your branch I noticed many errors:

The errors are related to your -module.ts bindings.

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Derp, thanks for the fast response. Didn’t think to use a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+I) to invoke the frontend console.