Unable to debug Theia Browser backend on Windows


Unfortunately it seems I am not able to debug the Theia backend on Windows by using the Visual Studio Launch configuration “Debug Browser Backend”.

I already checked this thread Unable to debug backend in a theia extension but it does not seem to solve the issue.

I can reproduce it by using the theia backend communication extension generated by the theia extension generator.

I do the following from a powershell

  • yo theia-extension (choose Backend Communication)
  • yarn
  • code .

From within Visual Studio Code I then set a breakpoint in hell-backend-service.ts:7
Then I start the Launch configuration: “Start Browser Backend”.
Afterwards, I open my Google Chrome and connect to localhost:3000.

From within Theia I hit F1 to open the Command Palette and execute “Say hello on the backend”
I cannot see the message in the Visual Studio Code console and I don’t hit the breakpoint.

If I repeat the same with setting with setting “NODE_PRESERVE_SYMLINKS”: “1” in the launch.json, I can see the message in the Visual Studio Code console but the breakpoint is not hit and Visual Studio Code reports them as unbound.

If I start the backend from the Powershell, I can see the messages printed.

If I run the same steps on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) I am able to debug the backend in Visual Studio Code.

Is there anything that I need to configure or any tips?

Thank you so much.

Best regards,