Unable to save or close JavaScript files after saving file manually

Is anyone else seeing this issue?
When I’m editing a JavaScript file, everything works fine (the file autosaves) until I save manually, using File -> Save or the keyboard shortcut. After this:

  • Autosaves stops working

  • I can no longer save manually

  • I cannot close the file

  • The only way to get out this is to reload the page, thereby losing any recent change to the file.

PS: neither the browser JS console nor the application backend logs show any error message.
Thanks in advance for your help!

[original thread by Bayode Aderinola]

@bayodesegun It sounds like a bug. If you can open an issue and describe how to reproduce from sources it would helpful. You can try to use Gitpod to be independent from your environment.

[Bayode Aderinola]

@anton-kosyakov Thanks for your input. I found out the problem is not happening from the most uptodate sources so I’m just updating my installation.