Updating vscode-clangd plugin

Hi @marcdumais-work, @vince-fugnitto

Have you thought about updating vscode-clangd plugin on:

to newest version 0.1.8? That version has few big improvements. Including restarting intellisense on compile_commands.json change.

Arek Zaluski


@arekzaluski I definitely believe we should publish newer versions of vscode-clangd and make use of the extension when appropriate (ex: theia-cpp-docker and theia-cpp-electron).

I believe any of us can publish the extension at this time (the last one seems to have been done by EclipseSource) following the wiki if you’d like to give it a try. Note that some ways of working may be updated once the repo is moved under the eclipse foundation:

In addition, it would be good to have automatic updates of the plugin as referenced in the vscode-clangd issue: