Use cases for firmware, in-kernel development. Support for assembly language, C

Had a brief discussion with @tekkamanninja , regarding usage of Theia, for the purpose of developing firmware, some in-kernel (linux, other RTOSs) and (optionally) some userspace software (for embedded).
Mainly in C - but part of the stuff would require supporting assembly languages for ARM, RISC-V.
In case of developing kernel mode (patching the kernel itself; developing kernel modules) stuff, for linux - there is a history around using special tools, that automatically reformat the source code (code conventions, mostly). Those are console oriented tools - so I thought that it could be integrated or re-implemented, to use from Theia, as a visual IDE. Also some visual diff./comparison of pre- and post-reformatting makes sense.
In case of other RTOSs (RIOT, RT Thread, …) - there are might be their own code conventions - but I believe that it could be supported by auto-completion and real-time validation tools.

[original thread by Ivan]