Using a local node package during development

I have a node package with some react UI widget stuff. I am using this package in theia and everything builds fine. Now I need to iterate on some changes in this dependency node package without publishing to an npm repository and test that they work in theia. I’ve tried both npm link and yarn link with the former doing nothing and the latter leading to

browser-app: ERROR in ../my-theia-extension/lib/browser/views/my-view.js 25:17-34
browser-app: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'my-dependency' in '/home/dimo/git/my-theia-ide/theia-ide/my-extension/lib/browser/views'

Is there a different way that I can link to a local node package in my theia build?

@dpetroff thank you for the discussion, given that your local package is build you can reference it by local path in your package.json where the dependency is referenced: