Using custom web element


I am trying to write a theia view. Is it possible to embed a custom web component in a theia view/editor? If yes, could you please provide pointers?


@abc thank you for the discussion, do you mind clarifying a bit more your use-case so we can better help you?

If you are looking into creating a custom view/widget where you have pretty much have complete control of what to display and potentially embed, you can take a look at our extension-generator (and use widget as an option) to get started:

can widgets be installed during run time?

@iam_abd038 it depends on what contributes the view/widget. Theia extensions are build time components, while VS Code plugins can either be included at build time (as builtins or bundled), or runtime.

While you can contribute basic views, tree-parts, webviews with VS Code plugins, if you need a view that is much more complex and where you’d have complete control a Theia extension would be needed.

For more information please see:

Thank you! I would be creating a widget extension. I see it creates a react component. I would like to use our angular elements/ web elements included via npm dependency. In the generated extension code, where can I import javascript bundles and styles?

Hi @abc,
Did you have any luck with angular elements?