Using theia core only for frontend and back-end in java

Am trying to use only theia-core package for frontend and trying to implement backend in java. Is it possible ?? Currently when running frontend ws connection is getting failed. If i need to replicate the json-rpc services in java what are the json-rpc services required by theia core package ?

[original thread by balajiv113]

Theia backend is Node.js process. It is not designed to be replaced by another runtime. In theory you can do it, but there are no any guarantees that we won’t change JSON-RPC transport because of some reasons, like performance, which happened in the past.

If you need Java process, you can spawn it by using child_process Node.js module. Communications between frontend and this process can be wrapped in JSON-RPC services.


While still needing a Node.js module, I’ve had some success calling java code with node java