V1.11 and V1.12 Docker images

I am not sure if people can see closed item here, so I am posting a new entry in response to V1.9 Docker image?

Will v1.11.0 and v1.12.0 be published to docker? Currently, I only see 1.10.

@phaumer thanks for the discussion, the images are currently low effort and used solely for example purposes and CI, there is no plan to publish older versions. You should not be using these images directly for production if that is the case.

You can always use latest and next if necessary to get the latest and next versions.

@vince-fugnitto thanks. Yes, we want to use it for CI testing as well (using it as a base image to build the test bed), however, we would like to test the same version used for a specific version of CodeReady Workspaces, which is never just the latest, such as 1.11 is used for CRW 2.8. Testing against a newer version would not reflect the state of Theia we want to test with. Would it not be possible to tag the images for a release? v1.10 was tagged, but not the versions that followed.

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Peter Haumer.

Yes, we want to use it for CI testing as well…

I meant that the applications included in theia-apps are meant for the following:

  • additional CI for the upstream eclipse-theia repository for latest and next versions.
  • examples for others to reference when building their own images.

Ideally, if you use the images for test purposes it might be better to implement and maintain your own so you have complete control over it, and not need to rely on external efforts. We currently do not prioritize efforts on theia-apps (and instead focus on the framework itself), so updates to theia-apps are best-effort, and we try to keep changes minimal. I believe there will be less and less effort being put into theia-apps going forward and instead prioritize a theia-blueprint image.

Nevertheless, there is now an ongoing pull-request to publish solid versions of images on releases:

@phaumer the 1.12.1 images should now be published, and when a new latest is created it should correspondingly publish the new version automatically as well:

@vince-fugnitto thanks a lot.

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