Versions of built-in pugins

Folks, something is not clear to me: in open-vsx ( , for example), there are version of the extensions that are newer than what we are using in examples/browser in the master branch, for example.
Is there any testing going on to makes sure the built-ins from the example package.json work with theia? Am I correct to assume that the ones newer than what is used in master are untested? What’s the process for updating the built-ins?

@tsmaeder I believe the following issue contains the discussions regarding updating the builtins:, namely how can we automate the use of the latest builtins in the examples (use of the preview version).

That talks about publishing the extensions, not about whether they will work in Theia. If something uses custom editors, for example, it would be broken right now. So testing it is :frowning:

@tsmaeder correct, the idea would be to use preview builtins and test and open issues. The Custom Editor API for example is being tracked by the following issue:, and it’s safe to assume that any builtins that are using the new API would either not work completely, or be broken.

I think the goal was to use the latest builtins and raise issues when we encounter problems but I don’t believe there is a dedicated effort to identify the problems yet (since we currently do not use preview).