View Contribution class hierarchy

Hi all,

I’d like to know how I might be able to view or create a hierarchy of available contributions and widgets that use them.

Does anyone know of any VS Code extensions that would achieve this. I’ve seen some command line tools that create UML diagrams but all the ones I found seemed a bit half-baked or unmaintained.

I’m also aware of the type-hierarchy extension for Theia, but I can’t seem to get it working, and wasn’t able to find an equivalent for VS Code.

Thanks guys.


To anyone who is interested in this, the answer is to use the Theia TypeDoc hosted at:

which lists all the types within @theia/core

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Hey @marcdumais-work,

Just a thought, but is there any possibility we could add a link to the Theia TypeDoc on, and to theia/doc/

It was a huge timesaver for me.

@BrotherCreamy yes, this sounds like a good idea. Would you be willing to contribute a couple of small PRs for this? Alternatively opening a couple of issues would also help, so we remember to do this when we have a chance.

The site can be modified from this git repo:

And is in the main Theia repo:

I’ll try contribute the PRs, most likely on Sunday. Thanks Marc.

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