Visual Studio Online

Microsoft has decided to rebrand Visual Studio Online (similar to what they did for Surface). They are releasing a version of VS Code that runs in browser. This is different even than the Remote Development extension.

I don’t know how they have architected this yet, but if they added white-labeling, it might be a completely like Theia.

[original thread by Ryan Dunn]

Hi Ryan, giving all the non-open-source licenses around everything that connects to a MS service (remote, live share, etc.) and the explicit exclusion of using them in context of any other service than the one from MS, I think there is now an even bigger demand for Theia. Because MS jumping on the train is a sign this becomes more mainstream but still not everybody wants to use Azure or base their stuff on non-open-source. So in summary I think this is a good thing.

And for white-labeling Theia is just so much more extensible. You can’t really build a new product based on Vs Code.