VR support

I tried theia on an occulus quest and it works surprisingly well!

Somehow the terminal doesn’t receive keystrokes entered via the virtual keyboard (works well in editors though).

Any idea what could explain this behaviour?

[original thread by Julien Eluard]

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@jeluard cool ! So you accessed a Theia app from the Quest browser? Gitpod maybe? Do you know which browser you used, in case there’s more than one

[Julien Eluard]

Yes exactly! Using the stock occulus browser, based on chrome AFAIK. Not gitpod but some custom platform based on theia.

It might be a selection issue. Do you have a way to see that you have correctly selected the terminal widget, before you start typing in it?

[Julien Eluard]

I double checked and I don’t think it’s a selection issue. See some recording of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voA39B5a9CY
I also tried on firefox reality and I have another set of issues: I can type in the terminal but every characters are doubled.