VS-Code elements?

A lot of elements of Theia like the status bar and the code editor look like taken straight out of vs-code. Since code is an electron app, it actually wouldn’t be impossible to port them to a browser app. Does it actually include some elements from vscode (would be cool to have a code-deriverative right inside a browser) or is it just made to took similar?

[original thread by paperbenni]

Hello, Eclipse Theia can run client si de on a browser and support some vscode extensions. (VSCode relies on the fact that it’s local and running in Electron)

It reuses some parts of VS Code, like editor, LSP, DAP protocols and extension APIs, but on the rest it made to look similar. With code-deriative: (1) we will be always at mercy of VS Code team, they can break whatever whey want except exposed parst (Monaco, VS Code APIs), it won’t allow to build white labeled products for example; (2) VS Code runs with assumptions that frontend/backend code have fast access to filesystem and executed on the same machine and operating system, with running IDE in the cloud it is different.