VS Code extension compatibility

Is there a recommended methodology for figuring out which version of a VS Code extension is compatible with which version of Theia?

As an example, I’m hitting issues loading the vscode.git-1.61.2 extension in theia-1.17.1, but the vscode.git-1.52.1 seems to be working.

@scottaxcell thanks for the discussion, you’ll probably not want to use a version of an extension that exceeds the default api the framework declares at that specific version.

For example, we defined a default API as:

For builtin extensions (those bundled as part of vscode (ex: vscode-builtin-git)) you’ll want to not go higher than this default for increased compatibility. For other extensions you should satisfy the engines.vscode referenced in the package.json.

You can also refer to the following document to see what APIs are currently supported by the framework:

Perfect, thanks for the details @vince-fugnitto! Just what I was looking for.

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