VS Code Extensions in a custom Docker image

Hello, I’ve built a custom docker image for theia based on ubuntu and using essentially the same build steps as the theiaide/theia image, plus some extra things like zsh and nvm.

I’m currently trying to install some vscode extensions, and according to the wiki those need to go in a plugins directory.
From what I gather, that directory would need to be /home/theia/plugins (or in my case, /home/${user}/plugins).

Running an ls on the /home/${user} directory shows me that the theia installation files are present and a plugins directory is too (after I copied it in). The .vsix file is also present, however the extension does not seem to be installed.

[original thread by Carlo Field]

@cfi2017 There is no such conventions, there is env variable THEIA_DEFAULT_PLUGINS=local-dir:…/…/plugins or cli option –plugins=local-dir:…/…/plugins which points to the folder containing vsix files.

[Carlo Field]

alright, thanks!