Vscode plugin sidebar context menu not display

hello , I want to use the vscode plugin “SSH Client”(https://github.com/vscode-ext-studio/vscode-ssh) in theia,but I found the context menu cannot display, and in vscode, it behaving normally.

Hi @gaomin, thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the issue. However, the community forum is not the best place for submitting and tracking bugs/issues. I filed a bug report here

Hi, due to the time issue of our project, is there any temporary solution to this problem?
thanks a lot!

I don’t see a way to build a temporary fix around that. Instead, a permanent fix is more appropriate and shouldn’t be too difficult, as most features regarding plugin trees are already working correctly. Are you interested in contributing a pull request?

I retry on version 1.19.0, and the context menu cannot display, related issure has been closed.

@gaomin just to be sure, I just retested this on the current master of Theia, and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue anymore:


Have you rebuild your Theia app after updating to 1.19 correctly? Can you reproduce it using the current master of Theia?

I retry it on 1.19.0 and it’s ok, I checked my package.json and found some configuration issues.
thanks a lot