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[original thread by Sven Efftinge]

I’ll start with myself. I am Sven, co-lead and initiator of the Theia project. I am also a co-founder of https://typefox.io, where we help people making use of Theia and cloud-based development tools in general.

Hey there, I am Akos. I work with Sven on the Theia project.

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[Jacques Bouthillier]

Hi every one, I work on Theia from Montreal

[Miro Spönemann]

Hi, I’m Miro. I did some work on the application shell a while ago.

Hello, I am Jan, working on Theia as well.

How can I get that fancy ‘team’ badge?

Hello! My name is Marc. I am the other Eclipse Theia co-lead and I work for Ericsson in a group that is interested in open-source tools, specially those around IDEs.


Hi this is Liang. I work at Ericsson with Marc and Jacques on theia.

Hi everyone, I’m Vince. I work for Ericsson along with Marc and others on the Theia project :slight_smile:

[Alex Tugarev]

Hello! I’m Alex, also working the Theia project.

[Rob Moran]

Hi to all! I’m Rob, leading an IDE team at Arm using Theia.

Hi, I’m Anton from TypeFox, the initial contributor and maintainer of Theia core :wink:

[Kavith Thiranga Lokuhewage]

Hello all!, I am Kavith from WSO2, working on IDE plugins & tools for Ballerina Language.

Hi all! I am Jan (Bicker) working at TypeFox on Theia.

Hello, I’m working at Ericsson on Theia as well :slight_smile:

[Jacky Deng]

Hi, I am Cheng-Rui Deng (My English name is Jacky) , working on IoT development tools.

[Peter Haumer]

Hi. I am Peter Haumer from IBM. Me and my colleagues just started learning Theia recently and looking for ways to give back to the community in the new year. We are working on a commercial offering based on Theia and just released a first technical preview. We created a COBOL LSP and extension, as we are aiming to provide modern development tools to the next generation of mainframe developers. (Yes, mainframes still run the world :wink: ) If you are interested, see a short video here: https://ibm.github.io/wazi-about/. Theia is a great platform for our needs and would like to thank the community for your great work so far.

[Nathan Ridge]

Hi! I’m Nate, I work with Marc’s team at Ericsson on the C++ language server (clangd).