Welcome to the Theia Community!

[Dave Neary]

Hi! I’m Dave, and I work on Eclipse Che as an ecosystem and community manager.

[Dave Neary]

Peter: You might be interested in the work that CA has been doing for Che & Theia for mainframes - they also have a COBOL language server and some other niceties.

[Casey Flynn]

Hey all! I’m Casey from Google, responsible for incorporating Theia into the Cloud Shell environment.

[Gorkem Ercan]

Hi, I am Gorkem Ercan. I work on developer tools at Red Hat. I am involved in projects such as Eclipse Che, Theia, Java Language server among others.

[Ido Perez]

Hi, I am Ido Perez. Work on the developer experience at SAP.

[Ayane Satomi]

Hi, I’m Capuccino, or sr229 in GitHub! I’ve been a early adopter of Visual Studio Code and I am also a early adopter of Theia and Gitpod. I focus on microservices and I use both tools to make applications and its been a phenomenal ride so far.

Hi, I’m Thomas (obviously) and I lead the “Che languages” team at Red Hat.

[Nitika Sharma]

Hi, I’m Nitika from IBM .Just started learning Theia and working with team to provide development tools

[Mobula Mobular]

Hello, I am Fethi. I work on model driven development tools and experienced in enterprise and telco domains.


Which theiaide/theia-java docker image can I use to test a standard theia? I tried version ‘next’ -> is corrupted when switching the workspace, version ‘latest’ -> does not recognize my java project (I used Maven), version ‘0.4.0’ -> Git disabled.


I got the version 'theiaide/theia-full:latest" running, probably version theiaide/theia-java:0.4.0 is also running. I miss-understood the message in the Git view “as not implemented” but it is a message to say there is no Git project in the workspace.


The theia-full version recognises my Java project but my external dependencies are not found. What should I do? Maven is also not in the path. Is it not installed?

[Miro Spönemann]

@udow Spectrum is based on threads. Please create a new thread to discuss your topic.

[宁 郑]

Hi, I am stephen, work in Alibaba with dev in Cloud project, we are using Theia