What extension is responsible for the minimap view?

[original thread by Josh Bradley]

[Josh Bradley]

When a file is open, I am unable to see the minimap view of the entire file on the right-hand side of the editor (like the one in the screenshot on the github repo). I thought this was handled by the mini-browser extension. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, you are confused with the minimap feature from the monaco editor: https://code.visualstudio.com/updates/v1_10#_preview-minimap

The mini-browser extension is for previewing, for instance, HTML content inside Theia.

@jgbradley1 the editor minimap can be enabled through the preferences, the default is currently off.

"editor.minimap.enabled": true

You can find it under the preferences for editor among other preferences.

[Josh Bradley]

Thanks for the help. This brings up a small critique of mine. Many extensions have a README in the github repo that provides a reasonable explanation of what they do, but there are still a few that are lacking. console, terminal, and navigator to name a few.

sure that makes sense, what sort of things would you like to be present in the readme for extensions?