What happens to 'amend last commit' button after move to git vscode extensions?

Currently when using the vs-code extension for git, there is no ‘Amend’ button in the SCM view. I was wondering what the intentions are here. Do you want to keep suppport for the ‘Amend’ button, or is everyone happy to lose it, or should it not be there by default but allow downstream package to include it in scm view even when using git vscode extension? The reason I ask is that I am making changes to https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/pull/6381 and I need to know how to isolate the ‘Amend’ code.

[original thread by Nigel Westbury]

cc @svenefftinge

I am not sure, maybe it is better to break clean first and then restore whatever needed. I know that Sven like Amend button :slight_smile:

but I don’t use it much and VS Code extension has Undo Last Commit command: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46913896/is-there-a-way-to-revert-to-a-previous-commit-in-vs-code

Hearing how other using it will be helpful as wll.

I’ve added to the dev meeting for today.

[Nigel Westbury]

My inclination is to add an extension point for contributions to the bottom of the scm view, then move it to scm-extra. However this would require another new package, say git-extra, to contain the Git code for amend support. Anyway, we’ll discuss at dev meeting.