When I package theia-electron in mac,I get the error as below

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename '/Users/oyosc/Documents/web/theia-apps/theia-electron/dist/linux-unpacked/electron' -> '/Users/oyosc/Documents/web/theia-apps/theia-electron/dist/linux-unpacked/theia-electron'

I try package in windows,but get the same error;and the dir of “/Users/oyosc/Documents/web/theia-apps/theia-electron/dist/linux-unpacked” has electron.exe

[original thread by oyo]

@kittaakos @thegecko @marc-dumais @paul-marechal Maybe you know what can be wrong?

[Rob Moran]

The fact it breaks on Windows and Mac and is looking in a directory named linux rings alarm bells for me.


@thegecko You mean I must package the version of linux in linux platform?

[Rob Moran]

No, I don’t know your problem, but the fact it’s using something which may be linux-specific would be worth investigating.

Have you looked at https://github.com/theia-ide/theia-apps/tree/master/theia-electron#troubleshooting? Maybe there is something useful