When mouse hover on a variable, clangd info tooltip hides the hover tooltip

When I try to mouse-hover over a variable, I see two tooltips:

  1. tooltip given by cpp/clangd

  2. tooltip from debug adapter after evaluating an expression.

tooptip #1 is shown on top of tooltip #2.
I’m only interested in tooltip #2 (i.e., tooltip from debug adapter’s evaluate expression)

How can i hide tooltip from cpp/clangd components ?

[original thread by rs]



The gray box is from cpp/clangd. the white box with black border is from debug expression evaluation.

@che-theia-new thank you for the issue, it looks to be a known issue at the moment:


Thank you, @vince-fugnitto . I would like to disable cpp/clang tooltips for now. Could you please suggest a way to disable cpp/clang tooltips (i.e., the gray box shown on top of the debugger tooltip) ?


Hi all, can anyone help me to disable the gray hover/tooltip box ? @vince-fugnitto