Where is my Plugins view?

Hello everyone,

I have been trying out Theia and I really like it so far!

Now, because I want to use it together with Scala Metals, I did some research and stumbled over this thread.
Okay, cool, I thought, I can directly use the VScode plugin for Metals, and thus found this small article.
There, they talk about Plugins found under View - which does not exist in my instance of Theia.
The command Deploy plugin by id cannot be found either.

What did I do wrong?

P.S.: Also I have no idea what’s meant with create plugins folder under Theia repo folder. What Theia repo folder? The one called e.g. my-app, that also contains the package.json?

[original thread by Markus Appel]

Hi @markusa380 . Where did your Theia application come from? For plugins support to be present, you probably need to have these extensions being part of it: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/blob/master/examples/browser/package.json#L44-L45

About the “Theia repo folder”, I think what is meant is to create the “plugins” directory in the root folder of your workspace

Alternatively you can use any directory you like and use an environment variable to tell Theia where it is: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia-apps/blob/master/theia-go-docker/Dockerfile#L72

[Markus Appel]

@marc-dumais Thank you for your help. I got the Plugin - view and I was able to add Metals as a plugin. I see the prompt for importing my project, but I don’t see the commands that should be available, and no code completion or highlighting. Any ideas?

@markusa380 do you see any errors in the console or backend?

[Markus Appel]

@vince-fugnitto I did not. Here’s the metals.log and here’s the theia log. Again, it does recognize when I change my build.sbt, but the commands, the completion, the outline etc. are not available.

[Markus Appel]

P.S.: In the web-console I get the following: WARN Preference metals.javaHome in user_storage:settings.json is invalid. Not sure if that means anything.

Also I have no idea what’s meant with create plugins folder under Theia repo folder. What Theia repo folder?

It’s only about testing from sources. If you test against your app you should pass –plugins=local-dir:path-to-folder-with-plugins to theia start

@markusa380 please file an issue, also try again on master state, today some improvements to preferences handling were merged, metals.javaHome should not be ignored anymore

[dhananjay harel]

I need settings.json config to show the outline view by default