Whether support the customize UI?

I want customize UI,and add my own some menu to theia menu,and dock my own Graphic control components, based on a UI library like React or much better a UI framework like Antd to left, then compile them by click buttom or command. Whether theia support?

[original thread by xinsuinizhuan]

Yes, it does. The basic UI element is a widget which is an HTML element with lifecycle hooks. You can integrate any UI framework with it. For React see, ReactWidget base class and study some implementations to learn how to use it.


which menu can i add my menu?If i can custom all menu like vscode? There is no complete external API description?



Please have a look at MenuContribution and its implementation in the repo. You can add submenus and menu actions to any menu in Theia. But you have to know menu paths, there are not documented right now, you have to study the code. I can help you if you can be more specific about to which menu you want to add an action.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please tell if custom tables usage possible?

@dihlorfos thank you for the question, our views or widgets are currently implemented with react. I do not see any limitations which would not allow you to have custom tables in your user interface.