Who could give a presentation on Theia?

Hi everyone!
My name is Federico Tomassetti. I have started a community on Language Engineering called Strumenta Community. As part of this community we organize a weekly virtual meetup to discuss technologies interesting for Language Engineers.
For example, next week @msujew will give us a presentation on Langium (we are very excited about it!).

One topic we would love to learn more about is Theia, obviously. So I was wondering if you have any idea about who could we invite to give a presentation. Maybe there are even some volunteers :slight_smile:

In case you want to get a better idea of what we discuss you can see the abstract of past presentations here: https://strumenta.community/meetup/

For example, Markus Völter, Felienne Hermans, Eelco Visser, and Terence Parr presented last year.

Sorry for the intrusion and congratulations for creating this community

Hi @ftomassetti,

What time-frame do you have in mind? Presentation-wise, this is our busy season, with EclipseCon in ~1 month and TheiaCon a couple of weeks later.

Hi @marcdumais-work, thank you for your answer.
We do not have a strict deadline in mind, in general, we are now working on presentations from now to the middle of December, so Oct/Nov/or early Dec would all work (considering some spots are already covered)

Cool. If we can have a spot after TheiaCon week, I am volunteering to give a Theia presentation for your community. Is there any spot available, the week of November 21st or later?

Hi Marc,
At the moment the 2nd, 9th, and 16th of December should be open. If I can get your email I will have the person booking the meetings write to you to ask you which date you prefer and give you all the details.
Thank you for your availability, I am looking forward to learn more about Theia!


Hi @ftomassetti,

Sounds like a plan. I can be reached at: marc.dumais@ericsson.com