Why is the xterm.js outdated?

I was just trying out Eclipse Theia using the browser example. It looks pretty nice; the OOB browser support is awesome! The xterm.js is a tad outdated though. Is it just the browser example or does all of the upstream projects like Che have an outdated xterm.js? In general, is the project slower compared to VSCode to upgrade libraries?

[original thread by varmanishant]

It was not important for active contributors to upgrade it. If it is important for you then please send a PR, but you will need to find someone to review that a new version does not introduce regressions. What are you looking to get from latest xterm?


Thanks @anton-kosyakov . I just wanted the cursorWidth feature (for bar cursors). Besides, I also wanted to know the browser example was missing something compared to others like electron etc. I will try to send a PR after checking everything. I am really new to the whole JS/Typescript development.

for that we will need a new preference as well, could you open an enhancement request please? feel free to work on it


I just added https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/issues/7168. Will keep checking from my side.