Why the code file i openned can not set breakpoints?

In my widget, i call the APIs of Theia to open some code files in the Explorer automatically, and i have succeefully openned the file in the main area and the openning file is selected in the Explorer.

However, i cann’t set breakpoints in these code files. What’s wrong with my attempt?

My pseudocode is as below:

EditorWidgetFactory.createWidget(MyNavigatableWidgetOptions).then(function(widget: EditorWidget) {
ApplicationShell.addWidget(widget, {area: ‘main’});

I think it is because the EditorWidget i used can not be setted breakpoint, if so, how can i open the Explorer file automatically in my widget? Thx.

[original thread by AlwaysMing]

@ppeiming-mo thank you for the question, unfortunately without additional information I don’t think we can be of much help at the moment. If the code is not private do you mind linking the repo so that we can understand better?