Why there's no tag & branch for v1.18.0?

I’m looking for v1.18.0, There’s no tag & no branch

https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/tags ?

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@EstherPerelman the latest release and tags are at 1.18.0, can you clarify? Perhaps you forgot to fetch them?

Err getting after fetch (21/10/2021)

Someone from SAP asked me to check because he wasn’t able to see the tag, What is wrong
(You can check vscode gitlens tags - its not appear there)

@EstherPerelman I still believe it is something on your side, likely forgot to git fetch --tags to pull the latest tags since:

  • I can successfully checkout the tag:

I really don’t know what causes it (it was not only on my computer)
It seems to be that the error is not in your side but still exist( at least for 3 windows users)
This what I see after git fetch tags (see that the log is updated to the recent…)
Anyway I think this issue is not so critical for now so you can close this ticket…

git fetch upstream?

Make sure you are dealing with the right remotes.

Sure, you can see that the log in the screenshot is updated with the remote

I am only guessing, but people usually have their fork as origin and the main repo as upstream.

You can see what your remotes point to by doing git remote -v.

Then make sure to run git fetch <remote-name-that-points-to-the-main-repo>.

Then git fetch <remote-name-that-points-to-the-main-repo> --tags to pull the new tags.

git log from your capture is displaying (sligthly) out of date information.

edit: Got confused with the date of the commit from July, but it was just an old commit that got merged recently. I assume the fix then is to do git fetch upstream --tags and you should find what you’re looking for.

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