Widget not moving to the bottom area

I am trying to move a widget from the right panel to the bottom panel. I have updated the area to bottom in the constructor in view contribution like this defaultWidgetOptions : { area: 'bottom' }, but the panel still remains on the right. I have verified all instances of this in my code.

Does anyone know what could go wrong here?

Hey @rimildeyjsr,

have you run the Reset Workbench Layout command between code changes? Theia tries to preserve the application layout between reloads, so it will not automatically move the widget to the bottom, if it has saved it on the right side.

@msujew - I was not aware of that, are there any code examples on how to do this?

There is no code - it’s a user action. Just press F1 to open the command palette and execute the command labeled Reset Workbench Layout.