[windows] Having problem of opening monaco editor

Hi , I’m facing this problem of not being able to open monaco editor in windows

but noting went wrong when I worked with MAC.

what I tried to do

  • Firstly , I get a cpp file path, and I want to use MonacoEditorService.openCodeEditorto open this file, and locate some certain position, this works fine with mac, but something wrong with windows

My extention explaination

  • Theia version : 1.16.0
  • windows: Win 10
  • with cpp windows plugins

If your guys have some idea. I will really appreaciate that!! :grin:

It looks like you’re not using a path, not a URI for the file, from the message I would think that the system thinks “d:\tpt…” is the protocol part of the URI.

sloved by changing monaco.Uri.parse to monaco.Uri.file