Would it be possible to create a "backend-less" theia?

I would like to be able to deploy a version of Theia that is only used for static web development. The only back-end piece I can think of that would be required is a filesystem provider. If I were to create a custom filesystem provider that used some external API, as well as something to handle preview, would I be able to run Theia without a backend?

The reason behind this thinking is that I wouldn’t have to deploy a huge container for every user, and could greatly reduce hosting costs.

@bendavis thank you for the discussion, there are a couple of already opened similar discussions regarding having no backend and it’s not possible at the moment (if one wants to try to replace backend components it would require a lot of work to implement and maintain):

Out of curiosity, what part of the backend is required for Theia to run? Hypothetically, if one were to re-implement FileService so it does not require backend communication, what else would require a backend?

I invite you to look at all places that bind a WebSocketConnectionProvider#createProxy in frontend modules.

Not a perfectly accurate list but contains a few: https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/search?q=.createProxy(