"You just click one button and you can start coding."

… says Sven on https://www.eclipse.org/community/eclipse_newsletter/2020/january/3.php .

Where’s the button? I can’t find it!

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What Sven describes is the use of Gitpod (build using Theia) which is configured in the repository and with no development environment setup required one can contribute to the application. All that is necessary is the chrome extension to contribute a button to Github, or you can prefix the repo with the gitpod URL.

You can see the button beside clone when added:


You’re saying “You just click one button and you can start coding.” is true only after you’ve installed one particular browser, plus an extension … neither of which was mentioned??


Is this chat site losing messages? This topic is supposed to have five https://i.imgur.com/qxXWHKW.png but I see only four. Correction: supposed to have six, since now I see the count excludes the first message.

It is not necessary to install the chrome extension (or use chrome for that matter), but everything is in place for a contributor to easily contribute to the project using Gitpod. I hope this clarifies things.

You can either use:


“It is not necessary to install the chrome extension (or use chrome for that matter)” So how does one do “You just click one button and you can start coding.” otherwise?

Well actually, later in that same section you’ll see that Gitpod is in fact mentioned.


I didn’t say Gitpod wasn’t mentioned.

I’d definitely say it is an example of how easy it is to get up and running into the project and make meaningful contributions without the hassle of cloning the repo, setting up a dev environment since it is all taken care of. We take the pain out of having to manually do such things and automate it for contributors. The phrasing that it is “one click away” is more an expression of how one can easily contribute improvements to the framework. I think there are definitely more constructive uses of one’s time than arguing the semantics of a single sentence in a blog article.


I’m not arguing semantics. I’m asking a simple question. I’ll take your response to mean “You can’t”. Thanks.

I don’t think “you can’t”. Including in the readme is also another link in the form of a badge (no chrome extension required, no url prefixing required).

Clicking it will also prompt a Gitpod workspace for which you can perform the changes required in your contribution. See below:

It is the first badge icon.


Ah, the “Gitpod code now” button. Great! That works for me and looks like the button Sven referenced. Thanks!


PS How did you get the readme formatting in https://i.imgur.com/ayAGWmF.png ? I can’t find and dcos on formatting here.

You can use markdown syntaxes when writing in spectrum, like backticks ` forreadme, and double asterisks ** for bold among many others.